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This Dog Is May Be Just 10 Weeks Old, But She Already Knows What To Do With A Bell. She’ll Show You What That Is For!

Using bell for service is very common in hotel and sometimes in restaurants and store. The bell have different uses but the main purpose of having this is only to call or catch an attention of the people. For some who doesn’t have any idea what that is for, they might get confuse or wonder how it is being used. In this video a dog will show you how it works.

This a dachshund dog named Maddie. At her 10 weeks age she was able to learn how to ring the bell. Every time she ring it, it will remind the owner or the master to give her some food to eat. Therefore you will know if the food is not enough for her if she continue pressing the bell to ask for more. Animals only need to be train every day for them to become active in learning new things.

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