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What Happened To This Rat Will Surely Inspire You… This Is A Video Worth Watching!

They say, if you want to live longer, you have to fight for your life. Life is a battlefield, this is the world of survival of the fittest wherein the strongest will still live and the weak will die. This is the game of predator and prey. We have to be wise and intelligent enough to protect ourselves against to those who can harm us.

Like what this rat in the video below. This is a very courageous rat trying to save its life from a mouse trap. Although mouse trap has a very strong force to kill a rat, still this courageous rat fight his life to live. You will see that he really trying to push that spring bar for the rat to be free.

This video tells us not to give up. That we have to be strong, because if you are weak, you can never survive in this playful world.

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