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How This Turtle Reacted After This Girl Approached Him Is Beyond Imagination

If you are looking for something amazing and something big today, then you stumbled at the right place! Well, here at UniqueVideos, we love to feature amazing animals with amazing behavior. Just like this one on the video below that you are about to watch. Dog? Cat? No it’s not what you think… let’s talk about turtles here.

Although in general we are accustomed to think of turtles as very peaceful animals (and, above all, herbivores), being in front of a specimen of 250 kg can seem daunting. This is in fact the weight that a male Aldabra giant tortoise can reach, who lives on the atoll where it gets the name from and at the Seychelles. His behavior, however, despite his size, is incredibly calm and lovable.

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Video Source: Aldabrachelys gigantea

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