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This Guilty Dog Tried Everything Just To Consider His Apology! Watch This Amazing Video

Have you ever apologized to a friend that you’ve made a mistake before or to the one you hurt before? Have he or she accepted your apology? Well if not I think this Beagle has so much to show how to apologize to someone. Watch this video and you will find out what did he do to make to make an apology to a baby.

Meet this beagle dog named Charlie. Beagle is an intelligent dog, it has an exceptional abilities and sensibilities. This is a fun video to watch. When Charlie took the toy Laura’s playing, Laura suddenly cried and it made Charlie worried that’s why he offer a lot of toys just to make an apology to Laura.

Some believe that the video is edited and they are requesting to upload the original one without the background music for them to believe that the owner did not polish it. Some even say it’s fake because it was been edited.

But now it’s up to you guys on how you will judge this video. What important is, the video is so cute and so entertaining to watch

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