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Believe It Or Not: This Giant Hornet Was Cooked Alive By Honeybees.

7 bees_2

Image Source: YouTube

These bees are native Japanese honeybees they are not defenseless unlike their cousins in Europe. In fact they developed a secret weapon to defend themselves against the giants, especially hornets. Instead of stinging the intruder, the honeybees set a trap to a giant hornet, it’s the advance guard of an attack force that these bees are cannot survive.

Once the hornet took the bait, the bees wait patiently to the last moment… and them they swarm the hornet! The hornet is engulfed by hundreds of bees but what the bees did is surprising. They begin vibrating, raising their collective temperature to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. The Japanese honeybees can tolerate temperatures of 118 degrees Fahrenheit while the Japanese giant hornets can only tolerate 115 degrees. The swarming bodies of honeybees turned into somewhat of a convection oven that the giant hornet was cooked alive!

Does the video creep you out with these hundreds of Japanese Honeybees? Well, this creatures are really scary especially when in groups. If you enjoyed watching this video, please do share this video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And also, visit our website more often for more video updates.

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