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He Brings His New Kitty Near His Old Pet. How His Dog Responds Will Make You Floored.

Internet is ruled by cats and we all know that. Many cat videos have gained popularity and acknowledgement already. These has been proven many times and one which is popular is The Grumpy Cat whose real name is Tardar Sauce who was able to earn around $100 million royalties to her owners.

Internet is amazingly obsessed with cats and it’s no surprise that various film festivals are devoted to feline competitions. Cat dance Film Festival is one of them that features “best in original, cat inspired shorts”. This video is a short film named “Ricky” which was one of the 2014 Catdance finalists.

This amazing video features the budding friendship between a dog, Romy and a cat, Ricky. It is narrated by the film maker’s seven year old neighbor, Willa.

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