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Coyote Versus A Pug: Who Do You Think Would Win In A Territorial Battle? You’ll Be Surprised What Happened Next…

You can never underestimate somebody. This is what a pug had proved when he encountered a coyote in a road. Coyote’s are known to be savage hunters of their prey. But, when the coyote, named Gilbert meets with a pug, it seemed to be afraid as the pug drives him away. The pug named Harvey by his owner is such a brave dog!

The video uploaded in YouTube user Jinia Root now has thousands of views and still counting.

Here’s the video of an adorable pug that’s not afraid to face a coyote that’s really bigger than him. Adorable!

Aaw..Isn’t that cute? What do you think?
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(h/t: Jinia Root )

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