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Caught On Cam: This Sheltie Dog Cheat On His Treadmill Workout! And This Is Ridiculously Funny To Watch! LOL!

Dogs are really like human, what we need is what they are needing also, just like exercise. Do you have a dog? Have you ever been tried to have an exercise with your dog? Walking and jogging are those usual exercise for dog. But have you ever make your dog tried exercise on a treadmill?

In the video below, you will see a Sheltie dog having a treadmill exercise while her master is taking a video. This Sheltie seems like enjoying the treadmill at first, but as it continue it seems like that the Sheltie felt tired and tried to cheat the treadmill.

According to some comments, it’s snowy outside and so cold that’s why instead of walking, they decided to have a treadmill exercise.

This video is so cute, especially that cheating Sheltie . This dog will really make your day!

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