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See This Dog Swims With The Dolphins.

Having a friend is like having a brother or a sister where you can lean on. They are the person who we talk with when we have problems. They are the people we often run to when we need a help and we need to laugh.

Choosing a friend is very important, because this can help you in knowing who to trust and who are not. When you choose a friend, do we pick one depending on their race, color or family background? Some may be yes, but some don’t even give matter to it.

Just like the dog swimming together with his dolphin friends. They both came from different family of animals, but look at them. They enjoy their companions. They enjoy their selves being together. The dog’s name is Maya. He don’t give a damn to what family the friend come from. We hope people can be like this as well.

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  • POMPEYO PEDROCHE January 12, 2015, 10:49 am

    True to their breed, Retrievers are amphibians. Thanks for posting.

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