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I Thought This Deer Is Going To Assault This Guy. But What Happened Is Simply Remarkable.

Deer has been of the most important animal living in this planet. But because people are hunting them, because of what they can give to people like meat and decorative horns, deer are getting fewer and fewer. But instead of hunting them, why not make them a pet? Sounds weird but deer are also sweet and adorable, just like in the video below.

At first, it seems like that this deer is assaulting this man, but in fact, the deer is embracing the guy. This is really a sweet moment for the both of them. To the extent that most of the deer are really scared with humans. But this deer is really one of kind.

Watch the video below, and for sure, you will love to adopt a deer right now. A guy named Miles Higgins met a friendly deer on the beach at Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, BC, Canada. The deer was almost too friendly because he started rubbing himself all over Miles right away and continued to follow him for a while.

So what do you think? Deer are also a perfect pet. This is really agreeable right?

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