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This Horse Hilariously Rocks Its Head More Than A Rocker Can Do! This Video Will Surely Make You Laugh!

Someone said “when people say – it’s just a horse, they don’t understand.”  Horse has been once a center of attention around the world because this animal is so versatile to its ability and characteristics.

And speaking of versatility, horses are not only for races and backyard and track sports. They can also do what a human can do, especially the ‘rockers’. Yes because this vine video of a horse will make you believe that they can do what rockers can do.

This is a video of a horse rocking his head to a rock music – sounds so crazy right? But what you will see is true. I know a lot of us could not imagine that a horse can make its hair whip back and forth, rocking its head from a heavy metal instrumental.

This hilarious video will surely give you a smile today. If you enjoyed watching this video, you can share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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