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This Cow Seemed To Have Been In The Gym For A Long Time – Incredible


Almost all people in the entire world have already seen a cow. And also, many have eaten beef. Through the ages, the cows have been the sources of meat, dairy products, and even leather. Not only because they are easy to breed, but also, are just available all over the world.

Most of cows today are in animal farms where they are being grown then either be supplied to meat factories, or to dairy factories.

With the technology of today, cross-breeding is commonly done to create amazing and also weird-looking animal species. Cross-breeding is done to combine certain properties in the other breed to the other one and mostly creating hybrids.

Have you ever seen an extra-muscular cow? Most of you will answer “No!” or even, “Does that exist?” Well, there is really a breed of cow that looks it came from the gym and stayed there for months – having overly grown muscles.

Meet, the Belgian Blue Cow.

belgian blue cow3

Here’s a video of a live Belgian Blue in a farm. This is just amazing!

According to That’s Farming, this breed of cow may have already existed for hundreds of years prior to the last century, but, it was in the 1960s that the noticeable characteristics of the Belgian Blue were properly established.

belgian blue cow1

This cow is commonly called Belgian Blue. And in some places in Europe, it’s called Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgigue, Belgian Blue-White, Belgian White-and-Blue Pied or simply, Blue.

The Belgian Blue have very striking muscles making it look really huge. This is because of the developed condition on them called “double-muscling”. Normally, bulls can reach at about 1,250 kg and the cows are about 900 kg. Unbelievable!

belgian blue cow2

Belgian Blues are said to be bred from the combination of Shorthorn and Charolais breeds.

Some people are commenting that this practice of breeding animals to make something like this must be stopped and just let the innocent animals live as what it is.

What can you say about this?

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