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Have you seen dogs riding on a bike, scooter or a skateboard? If not, I guess you have to check this video. From this video a dog named Norman rides on his scooter. Take note, nobody is supporting him. He drives alone. Just like humans, he can also ride on a bike and a skateboard on his own. Who would have thought that this dog can be a great rider?

From this video you will know how many years it took for the dog to learn how to carry different rides. The owner is also teaching him different tricks after learning another one.

This proves that dogs are not just animals, like humans, they possess the brain and capability to do our thing. All they need is enough time for training. Everything can be learned, so let’s expect all things to be possible. If this dog can do what human can, therefore every man can also do things we thought is impossible. Just keep on believing and have the courage to try new things.

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