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What These Penguins Are Chasing Is What We’re Running After When We Were Kids. This Video Will Remind You Of Your Childhood Days!

When our parents introduced to us what is a butterfly when we were still young, at first we became scared of it because of its strange features, but when we saw it flying with such a colorful wings, scariness turns into amazement.

Before, we used to play outside our garden, and when we see butterflies flying around, we usually chase them, and it is really fun to chase and catch butterflies. And there are times that we are so eager to catch them but we can’t, we cry out for that reason. Memories of childhood is really fun.

But aside from us before and to our children today who loves to chase butterflies, these penguins in the video below also challenged to catch one. Just like us, you will see that the penguins are really enjoying catching a butterfly roaming around their artificial habitat.

This video will remind you of your childhood days. It is really funny to watch them enjoying also with that cute colorful butterfly. The way they chase the butterfly is really entertaining. Hoping that they can really catch it.

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