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This Dog’s Story Is So Moving It Had Me In Tears. Her Amazing Rescue Will Surely Make Your Day!

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are the best pet that we could have. But still there are people who abused and abandoned them. Just like this very touching video below you are going to watch.

An animal organization ‘Hope For Paws’ received a call from a ‘Rescue From the Hart’ about a Pit Bull stranded in a remote location. It is said that its owner had abandoned her there, leaving her hopeless.

The dog was in a fenced government property that the rescuers couldn’t access, so they find a way to make the dog close to them. So they placed a cheeseburger across the road, hoping that she would squeeze through the fence to get it.

And because she was afraid, rescuers decided it was best to set a tap and watch from a distance. And after weeks of struggling to survive, the dog was finally safe.

To ensure her safety, rescuers decided to move the dog to a secure location before taking her out of the trap. Rescuers Lisa and Linda named the dog Bunny.

Everything bunny had been through, bunny just wanted to feel loved, just like other dogs.

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