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This Guy Saw This Weird Thing Trying To Cross The Road… Next? Pure Magic!

3 Slot_crossing_the_road_1

Image Source: YouTube

Nowadays, we are involve in a generation wherein everything can be now manipulated with the help of a little bit editing; of course, with the use of video editor applications and other image/photo editor applications. These applications can be used for both good and bad. Just like this one in the video below, this is just a simple video, but with a bit of editing, this becomes hilarious and crazy.

Why did the sloth cross the road? To (very slowly) cross the road! That’s right, these cute little things don’t move quickly, so sometimes they need a little help to get across without being squished by a passing car. So luckily for the sloth is this video, there was someone on hand to provide assistance with the move. The sloth seems to enjoy himself here. And just wait for the music to kick in.

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