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Belive It Or Not: This Dog Might Be The Biggest Dog In The World – Amazing

This video that you are about to watch below features a dog named Rocko who lives in Nevada with his owner. He might be the biggest dog in the world. The couple had no idea about Rocko’s build when they brought him home 2 years ago. In a few weeks, the pops started to grow very quick and after 2 years, Rocko is now over 160 pounds and stands at around 7 feet tall when he rises up on his hind legs.

His growth spurt has yet to stop. Rocko’s owners think he has an actual shot at being named the Guinness Book of World Records tallest living dog. They say that Rocko is really sweet; he cries when he hears an animal in distress on TV and he also climbs up his owners’ lap thinking he is still a puppy. According to them, he thinks he is a Chihuahua. This dog is the perfect mixture of gorgeous and adorable!

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Video Source: TodoAllTVChannel

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