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This Adorable Cat Is Trying To Investigate Of What’s Inside The Knitted Lampshade… What Happens Next Will Surely Make You Smile!

You know what you need today? A video that will surely make you smile and throw negativity you are facing right now. Watching videos that can make you smile simply make your day. It gives us reason to smile and look forward for a positive life.

One YouTuber in Russia uploaded this very cute video of a cat who were trapped in a knitted lampshade. The cat is trying to free from the knitted lampshade until the cat finds its way out. But it seems that the cat is having fun with the lampshade.

The cat made itself go back again to the knitted lampshade and do the same way again. And with great effort, the cat jumps and it’s so funny to watch because of its face. This adorable cat will fill your day with happiness.

You will be thanking this cute video for making you smile. If you have fun with this video, share it your friends by clicking the buttons below.

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