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Domestic pets are a source of pleasure and fun. Most boys and girls love to keep pets. Pets help an individual to achieve a healthy state of mind and playing with our pets makes most of us happy. Though dogs are the most preferred pets because of their faithfulness and honesty, but still they are the same as cats.

Cats and dogs rank at the top of the most popular pets of today. Both of them have a vast number of similarities; however the differences between canine and feline are just as enormous. In contrast to the statement, what you will see in the video below will show you that cats can be like dogs lol!

Have you ever seen a cat acting like a dog? Or let us say, the cat is a little bit confused. Fetch a common game for dogs, and not to cats. But this cat in the video plays fetch, wags its tail and sticking her tongue out while catching her breath like a dog. This ridiculous cat is named Tifa.

If you enjoyed watching this video, SHARE this video with your friends on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and don’t forget to LIKE and FOLLOW our official page for more videos updates. Thank you!

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