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Don’t Think They’re Slow Because They Can Be Fast. You Won’t Believe They Can Run Faster When Somebody See Them.

Do you love seeing turtles? Do you believe they’re slow? This video will show you the answer to my question.

A lot of people says turtles are slow in walking because they have short legs. Who will believe that they can be as fast as dogs when they see somebody coming over them?

This video proves that turtle can run faster. From this video we can hear two people talking. A girl and a guy voice. They’re taking a video of a turtle sleeping in the concrete way. The two people are creating noise while zooming their video on the turtle’s face. Suddenly the turtle awake and look at that he has a very nice eyes. But when he see two people coming over him, he run so fast going down the water.

That was amazing. Even the guy can’t believe the turtle can run so fast to hide himself from anybody. Now I guess everybody should stop saying turtles were slow because they can be fast.

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