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These 21 Shieldlike Structures Will Surely Captivate Your Eyes With Their Magical Appearance. For Sure These Will Leave You Wide-Eyed, Especially The First One!

The video you are about to see is the video of the different types of fungus living and growing in different parts of the world.

The following are the bleeding tooth fungus which looks like a bloody gums and or a bread with a strawberry jam while others call it as the Devil’s tooth, the golden jelly fungus which looks like a jelly, Phallus Indusiatus, Amytheist deceiver, blue fungus, dog stinkhorn, brain mushroom, blue mushrooms, Amanita muscaira, mycane Innterrapta, fungus Rosy vein cap, mycena chlorophos, turkey tail, devils cigar and ping mushroom.

The different types of fungus looks so weird but are so attractive to our eyes obviously because of its different colors and structures. Some look like a type of coral reefs which are so trippy. I just love the way they look.

There are various types of fungus. Some of them can be eaten while some can be bad or a threat to your health. In eating these, make sure you know which ones are edible and which ones are not.

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