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Here Is What Guys Looks Like When Eating With No Hands. They’re All Like A Scarecow!

Have you tried joining the eating competition? Do you always win? How do you eat food faster without using your hands? Do you do it like what the guy’s from this video doing? For sure watching them will make you feel full.

The people from this video are taking the eating challenge. You will know the best and the fastest way to win the game. You will also see how hilarious will a person look like when dipped their faces on a pie with icing just to win the game.

This sort of activity brings so much fun to people, particularly to those who are linking up the game. They’re all so fast, but only one man won. The guy who’s wearing a red shirt. He is so fast and so clever enough to win the battle. He really knows what to do to make the pie fit to his mouth.

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