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An Unexpected Incident Turned The Cadbury Family Into Complete Shock, The Happening Could Have Waste More Lives

Cadbury family is known for selling chocolates, coffee, and tea since then. The family became more popular because of Cadbury chocolates.

From this video we will be able to see how the Manor House of Cadbury’s family was eaten by the fire and how it looks like after the house was burned.

The manor house was originally built in 1820 and became a house of Elizabeth and George Cadbury from year 1894 until 1922.The house was then bought by the University of Birmingham in 1952 to use as their students residence. It was then in year 2007 that the building was abandoned and is supposed to be converted to apartments as a joint project by the Banner Homes and the university.

According to the spoke person from the department of fire the said building was already abandoned for seven years. They said the arson attacked was planned twice, however the first attack created a small fire only. Then on the second attack, the house got burned and the inside of the house has completely collapsed.

The University of Birmingham, who is now the owner of the building claimed that there is an assigned security guarding the building 24 hours and seven days a week.

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