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The Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever Created. MUST WATCH!

All of us are aware that cigarette is very dangerous to our health. It can cause serious damage to one’s body. However, some people tend not to resist on smoking. Sometimes they need other people to remind them about what would be the effect of smoking cigarette in them.

This video entitled “Smoking Kid” is one of the viral video today. Thai Health Promotion Foundation produced this video to show how an adult knows that smoking is very harmful but does not stop smoking. Watch this video and see what would some their reaction if a kid smokes?

Several adult who were currently smoking are shown in this video. In a situation wherein the kids would approach them and asked them for a lit. All adults were really shocked that at their young age they are already smoking, they even could not believe it.

Some reactions of the adults are as follows: “No, you are too young.”, “No, you are too young.”, “They drill a hole in your throat for cancer. Aren’t you afraid of surgery?”, “Cigarettes contain poison.”, “You look old when you smoke.”, “If you smoke you die faster.”, “Smoking causes lung cancer and emphysema.”

In this video, it clearly shows that all adults who are in the video knows that smoking is really dangerous and is very harmful to our heath.

They were very concerned about the children. The children handed them a note saying “You worry about me. But why not worry about yourself.”

Share and Spread this video to remind everyone that they should quit smoking.

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