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This Guy Shows Off A Way To Use A Peeler That I Had Never Thought Of

We’ve all been using vegetable peeler before. And we stick on the classic old method of using it. That’s why it struck me with such surprise that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years! Some would say there’s no true “wrong” way to peel a vegetable, so long as it gets peeled. But the main point is, there’s a right way on how to do it.

In the video below presented by YouTube Channel Irvin Lin, you are going to learn this clever and right way of peeling a carrot, and also the right way to use peeler. I know you’ve been wondering why it has two blades in it, actually there’s a purpose why. Watch the video below.

Have you been doing it this way all along? Do you have another brilliant method for getting vegetables prepped and peeled? Let us know in the comments below. Share this simple tips on Facebook with your family and friends!

(h/t: Irvin Lin )

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