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This Floating Object Brings Astonishment To People. You’ll Never Know What It Is Until You Watch This!

Wondering what this thing floating in the water?

This thing is a twenty one meter-long wooden hippopotamus floating along the river of Thames in London. This is one of Florentijin Hofman’s creation. Hofman is a Dutch artist who is best known for his creation of the “Rubber Duck” floating along the bodies of water around the world.

With the inspiration of his daughter’s books he was able to install a Hippopo Thames. The artist said that they took six weeks to design and make the technical drawings then another six weeks for the crew to build the Hippopo Thames in London. He said that the Thames will be display all throughout of the month of September.

Earlier this year, the artist was asked by the organizers of Totally Thames to create another piece of artwork for the festival which is being celebrated in London’s famous river every year. He said before the creation he started knowing the history of the river and eventually came up of studying the evolution of hippopotamus scarcely seen above the water level long time ago.

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