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This Man Is So Brave. What He Did Will Totally Kill You Of Fear. The Most Unbelievable And Bravest Man Ever!

Are you fear of heights? This man will surely give you the most exciting and fearing expectation ever. What he did is unbelievable!

From this video we can see the man named Felix Baumgartner. He is going to jump from space and land on earth’s ground. As we can see the family of the man are all worried with what’s going to happen.

The man broke the record of Joe who’ve jumped the 102,800 ft. in 1960 without any idea if he can survive the jump from the edge of the space. Felix have jumped 120,000 feet. The family celebrated the success of Felix which is truly unbelievable. He is amazing! The bravest man I’ve ever known. It’s good to know that he survived and had successfully accomplished the world breaking record of jumping from the outer space. This is the most incredible thing everybody will never ever forget.

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