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Genius Way To Unclog Your Toilet Even Without Using A Plunger

Clogged toilet is e terrible problem that almost people encounter inside their home. What’s more worst in this situation is that when your persistent toilet keeps on clogging on a regular basis. If that’s the case then there’s something wrong on your toilet that need to be fixed as soon as possible or else you can’t used it every time you need it.


There are several reasons why you have a clogged toilet. And this can be done of improper usage of a toilet mechanic’s or rather there’s a problem in your water supply including on the lists are the:

Low Flow Toilet
One problem from this is that maybe you are using an old-time toilet that is low in quality. You will only determine if your toilet is an old-time generation if you saw the time stamp located on the tank. The worst case in here is when keep on flushing hard objects that can cause complication.

Hard Water Deposits
Hard water deposits can be also the cause of your clogged toilet. If you saw the white build ups on the pole holes located right under the rim of your toilet, sometimes this can also be the case of your problem.

Blocked Trap
Have you seen the S-shaped trap between the bowl and the drain line? Sometimes the problem could be on the trap so you’d better keep an eye for this because if they’re some foreign objects had been deposited on the trap, this can result in clogging.

Clogged Drain Line
Sometimes, problems rely on the drain line. Clogged drain line will eventually choke out water supply to the septic tank to the sewage system.

It is important to prevent flushing things that also the main cause of your clogging toilet. Here is the list you have to stop on throwing in the toilet:

Napkins, Paper Towels, Floss, Hair, Feminine Products, Medicine, Plastic, and Diapers.

This Life-Hack tips from CleanMySpace is a very effective solution to your toilet problems. It has proven in the video below.

Just prepare only the dish washing liquid or shampoo for this procedure. The first step you can do is to squeeze the dish washing liquid directly to the bowl.


After you pour the dish washing liquid, leave it until it gets sunk and lubricates.

t2 t3

Now prepare a one bucket filled with water and pour it directly into the bowl and wait until 15-20 minutes.

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After waiting, dump a hot water to the toilet to help restart the water cycle and for the total further push to the clogged pipe.

See also the video below:

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