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Get Rid Of Constipation By Applying Acupressure Points On Certain Body Parts

Difficulty of removing bowel than regular movement then there must be something wrong with you. Almost people also had these experiences sometimes in their life but frequent happening will lead into some serious health issue.

According to webmd condition of your health also varies how often you move on a regular basis. People who take frequent bowel movements will be considered as healthy because of the fact that they always secrete dirt out from their body.

Constipation also differ time on how long haven’t you secreted you feces. If three days are already consume yet you haven’t removed it then the stool or feces gets hard and tougher to pass out.

Symptoms such as:

  • Fewer Bowel Movements
  • Troubling to Have Bowel Movement also known as straining
  • Hard or Small Stools
  • You Feel Like That Everything Did Not Come Out
  • You Have Swollen or Abdominal Pain and Vomiting

This only happens when there are changes in your diets, eating disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Not active, stress, pregnancy, lacking of water and fiber and more.

You can actually cure your condition through applying acupressure points on a certain parts of your body. Acupressure practices are also good for the body as they help release the muscle tensions, improves circulation of blood and enhances the aid healing of the body’s life force energy.

In the photo below will going to demonstrate how you are going to apply pressure points on you body. This will help you get relive from constipation.


Your large intestine is connected between the thumb and middle index. Press certain points on your hand down. Don’t do this if you are pregnant.



Do also the same thing on your right hand.


Press the points on your elbow crease. it is also where your large intestine is connected.


Press also the point on the left elbow crease.


Afterward, press the points both on your elbow.

To see more from this, click the video below.

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