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Tips And Secrets: How To Cook The Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

The thing is, there are so many ways to cook an egg (which is why we love them) and the terms can get confusing. As a hugely versatile food, it’s a great to know how to properly cook eggs. It’s actually pretty simple to fry eggs (it takes just a few minutes), and sunny side up eggs make for a great breakfast in the morning.

Sunny side up eggs are the dream order of any chef who has trouble with the spatula. An egg is cracked onto a heated pan and kept intact: The yolk and the whites are not meant to meddle. The egg is fried on one side until the whites form a solid (signaling that they’re fully cooked) and the edges of the whites begin to crisp.  Watch the video below.

This is one of the first real challenges I have in the kitchen and I won’t rest until I am able to cook the perfect sunny side up eggs. So I do everything as I should.  How about you? Sound off your comments below. And also, do share this post with your family and friends online.

(h/t: Rouxbe Online Cooking School )

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