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99% Of People Cried While Watching This Saddest Commercial Ever

Our fathers might not be perfect – neither we are. But we can still love each other perfectly every day, not just on this day, but forever. Father always defends, protects you when you are having problems in school or agency. He shows you the mistakes on a frank and accurate way.

However, the great thing in father is whether knowing your bad habits, he still loves you immensely. And this may be one of the special man in your life can love you unconditionally. Your father will never abandon you. To your father, you always his baby girl/boy. And maybe he didn’t say it, but in his heart, he’s very loving and proud of you. Watch this commercial below that will surely make you cry.

This is a commercial for a Thai insurance agency has been generating a lot of buzz of late – as well as A LOT of tears.  Nobody’s perfect, especially your parents.  However – this commercial will prove something to you that you likely already knew.  They’re all doing their best.

Grab a few tissues for this one.  It’s pretty moving stuff…

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