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This Child Took His Parents Responsibility. What He Sacrifice Will Surely Make You Cry.

Are you one of the parents who abandoned your kids? This video will let you realize your mistake of leaving them. This video will show you what the young boy sacrifice for the brother not to feel the hunger.

Having kids is not an easy life to live. Being a parent will have to sacrifice their own happiness to make the kids live happily. However in some situation there are some who were abandoned by the parents due to disease, being lost or simply just because the parents don’t want to take responsibility.

In this video we can see what the young boy did for them to be able to have something to eat. From the whole day of asking some food and money to buy their needs what he got is only a small piece of bread. We can see how the boy feel desperate how they can make the food fit for the two of them. What he did is sacrifice for his baby brother. He chose to give what he should have for the brother to feel full.

This video helps us realize how important not to waste the food we have, take responsibility for the kids in providing their needs, cherish each moment you have with your brothers and sisters and helping one another.

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