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Bette Nash, Flight Attendant For 57 Years And Counting

Meet Bette Nash, 79 year-old flight attendant and she’s been flying since 1957.

She’s been working 30,000 feet above the ground and she’s been living her life. Bette Nash of U.S Airways shares her story on how’s life to be being a flight attendant.

From “more conservative” uniforms to tailored and tight body suit. Technology has changed the world very differently according to her.

Being a flight attendant made her realize that life doesn’t have to be expensive, in the video she stated “You can’t buy attention, you can’t buy love”.
“People need a little love”, yes that’s right. Life could teach you a lot of lessons in life if only you let it to.

For all aspiring flight attendants out there, may her story motivate you more and more.


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