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Boy Blames His Mother Because They Are Poor – What His Mother Did Will Really Bring You In Tears

rubber boy2
Screengrab from Youtube/PETRONASOficial

A short story of a boy who blames his mother for being poor will really touch your hearts. You will also realize the sacrifice and love your parents are doing just for you to have a better life.

All parents will do anything just to send their children at school, to feed them, and to provide them with their needs and wants in this life. But, most children couldn’t see that actually. Many children will just don’t care and think about the hardships of their parents just to give them a great future.

Parents’ love for their children is UNCONDITIONAL. Even with the frequent hard-headedness of children to their parents, still, they will always be there to support, love and care for them. This is something that can ever be repaid by any price.

The story below, it talks about the hardships of being a parent especially, a single mother. A boy was raised by his mother alone and always keeps on complaining why they are poor. The boy always compares their life with his classmates. One time, he was bull!ed in school and other children call him “rubber boy” since his mother is working as a rubber collector literally from rubber trees.

Here’s the inspiring video shared by Petronas Official on YouTube.

At home, he raised his voice to his mother saying that she needs to work harder for them to be rich and have a comfortable life. The good mother invited his child to go to work for him to see how to earn money.

The shot clip concludes that instead of always complaining about the kind life you have, it’s better to appreciate and be thankful enough that you and your parents are together living in this world. You have friends that will be with you in hard times.

Remember, life is not only about money.

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