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Contentment, A Thing That Will Make You Feel Complete – Everyone Needs To See This

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There are lot of things that we wanted in this life. Many of these are those which are not actually needed in living. Some people are just becoming stressed and frustrated just to reach these fantasies and unneeded goals. There are people who will try to bring down the other just to be ahead of him.

People often envy other people’s success, e.g. possessions like new house, brand-new car, mobile phones, latest gadgets, etc. The word CONTENTMENT seemed to be out of place.

Many can’t appreciate the things that they have because of these deep materialistic desires. People wanted to be the best; wanted to be looked up in the society.

Do you know people like this?

A video posted by Facebook age, Brightside shows a reminder about contentment and happiness. In the video, we can see a chain reaction of people who wanted who wishes to have another one’s vehicle. In the first part, the guy riding a sports car wishes to have a chopper flying by. Then, a guy riding an off-road vehicle looked at the sports car saying, “That’s my dream car.”

The chain continued as the another guy in a new car looked at the off-road vehicle saying, “I want that off-road car.” Then a guy riding an old car saw the guy’s new car then wished to have a new one. After that, a man in a bike looks the old car while saying, “If only I could afford a car.”

The story continues as a man walking by the road sees the bike and wishing to have one. Then for the last time, a man on a building saw the walking man saying, “He can go wherever he wants.”

With all the things the people in the video possessed, still, no one even thanked for the blessings they have.

The video truly reminds us that we should be grateful on what we have. Let’s just that the one who gave everything to us.

Well, sticking to material things will NEVER satisfy anyone until one chooses to invest on things NOT TEMPORARY.

What can you say about contentment?

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