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This Powerful Video Has An Important Message For Every Man In The World

This 5 minute film is a powerful and disturbing story narrated from the point of view of an unborn baby girl, as a “Dear Daddy” letter. This is a video from aid agency CARE Norway calling out several ways our culture encourages violence against women and urges men to address disrespectful behavior in their children and peers.

It is a letter from an unborn baby girl to her father, asking him to help change the conversation that will shape her future experiences with men. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, one in every women throughout the world experience violence in their lifetime. Be it physical, verbual, s3xual, emotional or financial, and it is really a shocking statistic which shames humanity.

It shows how devastating the effects of violence can be against women. It is strange that it even exist at all. When you consider that women are our mothers, sisters, daughters… how can someone suddenly enter into a relationship and think it is okay to start abusing them?

As CEO of Domestic Violence NSW, Moo Baulch, the point of this is not just to highlight how awful men are, however, it is to warn the father-to-be that his own behavior may effectively condone harmful actions in others. By not calling people out for using sexist language and making jokes about women, he’s part of a culture that encourages abuse, one that could have dangerous repercussions on his own child.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull put it well when he recently addressed the “boys will be boys” attitude toward domestic violence, saying, “Let me say this to you: disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women. But all violence against women begins with disrespecting women.”

The video shows an image letter from an unborn little girl writing to her father and explores the far-reaching consequences that domestic violence and sexism can have. This needs to be seen.

It was directed by Jakob Ström through Tangrystan Productions, for Norwegian agency Schjaerven.

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