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This Group Of Boys Did Something Unbelievable To This Girl When Her Car Broke Down In The Middle of The Night!!!

Recently, it has been noticed a steep decline in gentlemanly behavior in our society and in our environment. We always see this every day, with boys teasing, harassing, and even “playfully” hitting girls. It seems that nowadays boys forget that being a gentleman is still the proper way to treat girls.

In this video below you are going to watch, you will witness a suspense short film titled ‘Going Home’, in which it visualizes a utopia for women, where, unlike today, mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions.

Watch this surprising act these boys did to a girl which is so unbelievable in our generation today. We don’t want to spoil the video so watch it.

Would it be ever possible in India to give the girls the world they believe exists?? This is impossible in real life. But we can at least try to do something that can make them believe that this world is not too cruel to them!

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