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This Break Dancing Boy Will Surely Inspire You With His Story

Art has a bold definition, it does not only define on a ground of creativeness of a thing authored by an artist but also it speaks out of who we are as human and what we are in this world to be. Art not only inspires us to create, it can also bring us to new heights when we are at our lowest moments.

This is a beautiful, and a heartwarming story of a young boy who has a tormenting past that has become the main theme of his life, the kind of past that makes sure that a child has no future to speak of and that he lives in the howling darkness of it for the rest of his life. Watch the inspiring video below.

You might not be able to pass through watching this without a few tears and goose bumps all over your body! This is very inspiring in many ways, in fact we adults can learn a lot from it if we let our senses capture the true essence of it!

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