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Mums Versus Maids: How Much Do You Know Your Kids? Think And Reflect

How many hours of quality time do you spend a week with your kids — playing, snuggling, chatting, or doing other activities where you’re really focused on your children? Do you worry that your kids don’t get enough quality time with you? Or you are just busy making money so your kids can live a comfortable life that you forget it is better to spend time with them rather than spend money for them?

This video below, aims to make mothers realize they should also make time for their kids and for them to give their maids a day off. The organization based this on the fact that in Singapore, they are around 225,000 foreign domestic workers who work 24/7; 40% of them do not have a day off.  Watch the video below.

It’s not yet too late to change things at home. Spend time with your kids…or else. What do you think of this one? Share us your thoughts about this one.

(h/t: I Give A Day Off)

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