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You Will Cry After Knowing Why This Student Is Playing His Guitar In The Public Place

There are numerous studies why music can help you relieve from depression and why it has the capability to cure certain kinds of health conditions. When we listen, the brain works in a way where we cannot comprehend and how can music affect us so deeply. Same on this short-story film that alters the life of this student whose situation before was miserable, but now music changes everything from him.

It was a commercial short-story film that will bring you a very sad story about the life of this student who were living alone all by himself. His mother was in a hospital suffering from certain kind of conditions but because there was no enough source of income to get this kid decided to work on his own in order to provide his needs and the to pay the balances. His life is not easy, at the very young age he only sings and strums his guitar to earn money.

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CREDITS: Yosua Jimmy Agustio

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