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This Father Begs Something On This Teacher That Would Surely Break Your Heart After Knowing The Reason Why

Just for the sake of our dearest one, everything we will do just to give them better future. Everything you will sacrifice in order for them to survive when the day comes you were not around to protect them. Sometimes there are aspects in life that you should force a person to do such things for them to live independently and learn to survive although you already know that it would be difficult for them to do. But because you cared so much with your loved one’s you have to.

An inspirational loved story of a father whom desire and wish is to help his daughter to live a life without him. This father knew that he would not be there all the time with his daughter and his time is running out. All effort he put into just for his daughter’s sake.

This short-film is one of the motivational stories that would inspire us again and will bring us lessons and realizations in life that not all the time our parents will be there to look for us. Sometimes we need to take the risk in order to withstand struggles in life.

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(H/T: Yosua Jimmy Agustio)

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