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Blessed Young Boy Shows Unforgettable Joy After Hearing His Mother For The First Time.

To be born in good health is a blessing. Many of us take it for granted, because we have no experience living with a disability. We are lucky enough not to be like those who cannot see, who cannot walk, who cannot talk and who cannot hear. So we have to be very thankful of what we are right now because human as we are – not perfect.

We should always be grateful for our bodies and health. Nothing is guaranteed. This boy, Ryan Aprea, was born prematurely at just 25 weeks. As a result, he suffers from severe hearing and vision problems. He spent the first seven months of his life in the intensive care unit. Thankfully, he was able to grow healthy enough to live at home with his mother. But unfortunately he was left almost completely unable to hear.

Every time this beautiful child of God hears something new he becomes overwhelmed with happiness! His mother, Jennifer, was able to share this amazing life-changing event on Facebook. Get ready to be overjoyed after seeing this boy’s reaction to hearing.

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