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Here Are 25 Things You Never Knew Your Microwave Could Do

You’ve perfected the art of microwave popcorn and leftovers. We have also featured here on how to bake a care using microwave. But the power of microwave doesn’t stop there, your microwave can do so much more, as in! So watch the video below and know what these things are.

Microwaves aren’t something we think about too often. They just sit there in the kitchen and work well at heating up leftovers. However, these tips will change the way you look at your microwave, letting you tap into their true potential. Well, there are several things your microwave could do that could leave you amazed.

So what do you think of these tips? Pretty impressive right? Many people don’t realize is that they are capable of much more than just heating up food. Share us your thoughts about this video by commenting in the box provided below.

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