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She Nervously Stepped On Stage But No One Expected Her To This. Amazing

What’s cuter that a little girl in a cute puffy dressing singing with her sweet little voice? Of course, Nothing! Except maybe a Chow Chow puppy getting a warm bath for the first time ever. But in the video below that, you are about to watch below, you will see the precious 3-year-old girl singing a solo version of “Jesus Loves Me” in front of a crowd!

This cute little girl stands there in the middle in her puffy blue dress and looks out at the audience with confidence. As the music plays, she prepares to sing the words to “Jesus Loves Me”. And as the song continues, she begins to show off some of her super cute dance moves. She does ballerina spins and points her toes out.

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Video Source: thankappan alfredreen

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