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A Trending Thai Video Clip That Will Surely Make You Cry. This Is An Inspiring Story

The word beautiful doesn’t only describe about physical appearance of a woman, it also mean how a woman carry herself in all things she go through; obstacles, challenges and even ups and downs. The beauty of a women can be measured on how she stand when she fall, how she wiped her tears in cry, and how tough she will be in times of issues.

I fell a tear while watching this inspiring Thai video clip entitled “My Beautiful Women” that touches my heart because of its moral lessons. This clip is based on a true story of a strong women who take the courageous responsibility that should not be hers.

This story tells about a mother named Jane, a senior student that has a daughter named June at young age. I salute a woman like Jane who stayed strong in the midst of judgment of others who really doesn’t know the truth behind her story and her child.

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