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This Anaconda Dance Choreography Will Gonna Leave You Open-Mouthed! Especially The Third Performer! Wow!

Nicki Minaj is one of the most controversial artists of the year for her latest song ‘Anaconda’. Not only the song but as well as because of her daring music video. Since it came out to, the song has been the subject of numerous covers and choreography that gone viral all over internet.

And one that gone viral is the video below that you are about to watch. This is the Anaconda choreography by Tricia Miranda. In the video, the first team really did an impressive performance; the way they move really nailed the floor. The second was good, and nothing to say at all. But the third one, she really hit it! She is the best.

The last performer really gave her best in her dance and her body movements will leave you open-mouthed! Wow!

Featuring are Kaelynn KK Harris, Dominique Battiste, Taylor Thomas, Kaycee Rice, Bailey Sok, and Allison Buczkowski.

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