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This Groom Show Off His Moves Until He Can No Longer Stop Himself Dancing. Is That A Wedding Or A Concert?

People who are getting married always does their presentation during the wedding celebration. There are some who do their presentation together with their partners and parents or friends. But this video will going to show you the dance moves of only one man. The groom!

From the start of this video we can see people clapping and yelling when the groom came in the middle of the floor. From the start we can see how he made himself funny in front of many people. That was unexpected. The man looks so formal wearing his wedding attire but when he does his moves he make himself a joker.

Until suddenly the music became rock and his moves became more entertaining and fun. I must say he dance like full of energy. He dance so well. Unluckily the bride looks not as graceful as the groom.

The wedding celebration turned like a concert with squealing audiences, having fun watching the presentation.

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