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Cuteness Overload: Baby Girl Screams As Her Father Attempts To Cute Her Nails – So Adorable…

Being a parent is one great opportunity for a couple to show their love and care for their child. As parents, responsibility is very much expected as with that, the growth of the child is at stake. Do you remember how you take a bath of your baby? How you feed him with baby food? How about cutting his nails? So adorable, huh? This is what a father experienced while cutting his baby girl’s nails while the cute baby screams in laughter.

Everytime the dad attempts to cut his baby’s nails, she screams and makes her dad laugh at her.

Watch this cute video of a baby girl that just doesn’t want to be nail-cut. You’ll surely love her more.

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(h/t: Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama )

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