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This Baby Can Choreograph His Own Dance At His Early Age.

This video looks like a video of three people teaching the little baby. But wait a minute can you repeat your video once again? Try to check each people who do the first step.

Do you think they’re teaching the baby how to dance? I think you’re wrong because if you try to check the video again and again the choreographer is the baby. Oh my, did this baby surprise you? You won’t believe these three guys are the people following the baby’s moves.

Yes! The baby is the one teaching or providing the dance step. However since dancers are older than the baby, they move stronger and faster which would make the viewer think like they are the one who are being imitated by the baby. Amazing right?

Because dancers know how to deliver the baby’s move into a graceful manner people thought they are the one teaching the baby. When the right thing is that the baby is the one providing them the next step to do.

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