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Record-Breaking Action Of A Girl Who Can Balance The Open Umbrellas One At A Time

In Guinness world record had the list of the most outstanding and record-breaking talents, ability and skills of people who were discovered in different parts of the earth. Believe it or not, these people who had been recorded in the history are real and even existing in this world. Here’s another evidence that will prove to you.

Have you ever tried to balance all the open umbrellas simultaneously using both of your hands and feet? Can’t you do it, right? Even I too because only people like this girl in the video below who has a gifted ability can do that such thing. As you can see, while balancing the 5 open umbrellas on her two feet, at the same time she rotates both 2 umbrellas in her two hands. It might be difficult but, still can’t believe her amazing talent. See video below.

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CREDITS: Guinness World Records

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